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New! Health Evangelism Online Course

Phoebe Hines

Aug 11, 2022

6:00 PM

Medical missionary classes provided at a discount!

As we may have recently noticed and studied, Ellen White has a lot to say about medical missionary work and how important it will be in the last days—even more so than pastoral work. Now, we have a health evangelism course from the Wildwood Health Institute, provided at a reduced price when you sign up through Wilderness Survival Camp.

Wildwood's online health evangelism course is a convenient and cost-effective alternate, created for those who can't attend the on-campus training but still have a fire burning in them to share Jesus with the world, thus fulfilling the Great Commission by providing healing for both body and soul.

Wilderness Survival Camp believes in the importance of medical missionary training, and we believe that Wildwood Health Institute provides the best introduction. We've negotiated a group discount, and the regular price of $1499 has been reduced to only $999, still with all the components of the entire six-month course. To take advantage of this price, register through us on our homepage.

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